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To apply for publication of your proceedings or Festschrift as an EPTCS volume fill in this form AND write an email to one or more editors of EPTCS whose experience or area of expertise makes them suitable for evaluating your application. Publication of the event in EPTCS may not be announced before the EPTCS editorial board has approved the application.

It is expected that a proceedings volume contains at least four papers of scientific weight (not counting abstracts and short communications up to 3 pages). The editorial board may withdraw the acceptance of a volume for publication if the actual submission does not meet this standard. Volume editors are invited to contact the editor-in-chief if questions on this issue arise.

Acronym of event: Please use the same style as the filled-in example.

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Please upload a file (text, html, pdf or postscript) with full information about the event. It should contain a detailed description of the way in which the papers that are considered for publication in this issue are being refereed and include the membership of the programme committee. You may also wish to provide historical information on the numbers of submissions and acceptance rates of earlier occurrences of this event, if applicable. Your application will be granted only if we trust your event to invariably select scientific papers of quality. This trust may be instilled through the organisers of the event, the program committee members, and (if applicable) the quality of earlier editions.

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Please select a few editorial board members to start the evaluation of this application, including the one(s) you have contacted by email to discuss this application with.
Robert H. Sloan Benjamin Pierce Lane A. Hemaspaandra
Wolfgang Thomas Ran Canetti Irek Ulidowski
Lijun Zhang Luca Aceto José Luiz Fiadeiro
Shay Kutten Moti Yung Rob van Glabbeek
Aart Middeldorp Wan Fokkink Martin Wirsing
Evangelos Kranakis Luca Cardelli Gordon Plotkin
Eric Monfroy Matthew Hennessy Bartek Klin
Rocco De Nicola Vladimiro Sassone Lars Arge
Nancy Lynch Dorothea Wagner

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We expect the above mentioned people, collectively and individually, to take responsibility for the quality of the proceedings they will generate: They will arrange a thorough check of the scientific quality of the included papers, a check for correct English (spelling, style and grammar), and a check for good formatting and adherence to our style file.

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