Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science

Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief: Rob van Glabbeek (NICTA, Sydney, Australia)
Advisory Board:
Luca Aceto, Krzysztof Apt, Rob van Glabbeek, Matthew Hennessy, Gordon Plotkin
Rob van Glabbeek (NICTA, Sydney, Australia)
Editor in Chief
Irek Ulidowski (University of Leicester)
Concurrency Theory, Reversible Computation
Aart Middeldorp (University of Innsbruck)
Term Rewriting, Automated Deduction
Shay Kutten (Technion)
Distributed Algorithms
Robert H. Sloan (University of Illinois at Chicago)
Computational Learning Theory and Knowledge Representation
José Luiz Fiadeiro (University of Leicester)
system specification and verification, algebraic and categorical semantics of modelling languages and techniques
Benjamin Pierce (University of Pennsylvania)
Programming languages, type systems, process calculi, distributed systems, language-based security, mechanized metatheory
Rocco De Nicola (IMT - Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca and Università di Firenze)
Process Algebras, Mobile Computing, Service Oriented Programming, Model Checking, Stochastic Systems
Wan Fokkink (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)
Concurrency Theory, Protocol Verification, Bioinformatics
Bartek Klin (Warsaw University, University of Cambridge)
Semantics, Concurrency, Algebraic and Coalgebraic Methods
Martin Wirsing (LMU Munich)
Formal Methods for Software Development, Foundations of Service-Oriented and Adaptive Systems, Algebraic Specifications
Luca Aceto (School of Computer Science, Reykjavík University)
Concurrency Theory, Process Algebra, Denotational and Operational Semantics, Logic in Computer Science
Krzysztof R. Apt (Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI))
Logic Programming, Constraint Programming and Game Theory
Luca Cardelli (Microsoft Research)
Process Algebra, Computational Biology
Matthew Hennessy (Trinity College Dublin)
Concurreny Theory, Semantics, Mobile Computation, Verification Techniques
Lars Arge (MADALGO, Aarhus University)
Algorithms and Data Structures, Algorithm Engineering
Moti Yung (Google Inc. and Columbia University)
Cryptography, Information Security
Ran Canetti (School of Computer Science, Tel Aviv University)
Cryptography, Security, Randomness
Dorothea Wagner (Universität Karlsruhe (TH))
algorithm design, algorithm engineering, graph algorithms, computational geometry, graph drawing, traffic engineering, sensor networks
Vladimiro Sassone (University of Southampton)
foundations of concurrent and distributed systems, security and trust, logics, semantics, foundations of computation
Nancy Lynch (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Distributed algorithms, distributed computing theory, wireless network algorithms, concurrency semantics
Evangelos Kranakis (Chancellor's Professor, School of Computer Science, Carleton University)
Algorithmic Mathematics, Communication & Data Networks, Computational Molecular Biology, Distributed & Mobile Agent Computing, Wireless Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks, Network Security
Lane A. Hemaspaandra (University of Rochester)
Computational Complexity Theory and Computational Social Choice
Wolfgang Thomas (RWTH Aachen University)
automata theory, logic in computer science, verification
Gordon Plotkin (Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh)
Logic and Semantics of Programming Languages, Computational Systems Biology

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