Multi-model-based Access Control in Construction Projects

Frank Hilbert
(Institute of Construction Informatics Dresden University of Technology Dresden, Germany)
Raimar J. Scherer
(Institute of Construction Informatics Dresden University of Technology Dresden, Germany)
Larissa Araujo
(Engineering School of Sao Carlos University of Sao Paulo Sao Paulo, Brazil)

During the execution of large scale construction projects performed by Virtual Organizations (VO), relatively complex technical models have to be exchanged between the VO members. For linking the trade and transfer of these models, a so-called multi-model container format was developed. Considering the different skills and tasks of the involved partners, it is not necessary for them to know all the models in every technical detailing. Furthermore, the model size can lead to a delay in communication. In this paper an approach is presented for defining model cut-outs according to the current project context. Dynamic dependencies to the project context as well as static dependencies on the organizational structure are mapped in a context-sensitive rule. As a result, an approach for dynamic filtering of multi-models is obtained which ensures, together with a filtering service, that the involved VO members get a simplified view of complex multi-models as well as sufficient permissions depending on their tasks.

In Jeremy Bryans and John Fitzgerald: Proceedings Third Workshop on Formal Aspects of Virtual Organisations (FAVO 2011), Sao Paolo, Brazil, 18th October 2011, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 83, pp. 1–9.
Published: 26th April 2012.

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