Sequence Diagram Test Case Specification and Virtual Integration Analysis using Timed-Arc Petri Nets

Sven Sieverding
Christian Ellen
Peter Battram

In this paper, we formally define Test Case Sequence Diagrams (TCSD) as an easy-to-use means to specify test cases for components including timing constraints. These test cases are modeled using the UML2 syntax and can be specified by standard UML-modeling-tools. In a component-based design an early identification of errors can be achieved by a virtual integration of components before the actual system is build. We define such a procedure which integrates the individual test cases of the components according to the interconnections of a given architecture and checks if all specified communication sequences are consistent. Therefore, we formally define the transformation of TCSD into timed-arc Petri nets and a process for the combination of these nets. The applicability of our approach is demonstrated on an avionic use case from the ARP4761 standard.

In Barbora Buhnova, Lucia Happe and Jan Kofroň: Proceedings 10th International Workshop on Formal Engineering Approaches to Software Components and Architectures (FESCA 2013), Rome, Italy, March 23, 2013, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 108, pp. 17–31.
Published: 20th February 2013.

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