Agent Based Approaches to Engineering Autonomous Space Software

Louise A. Dennis
(University of Liverpool, UK)
Michael Fisher
(University of Liverpool, UK)
Nicholas Lincoln
(University of Southampton, UK)
Alexei Lisitsa
(University of Liverpool, UK)
Sandor M. Veres
(University of Southampton, UK)

Current approaches to the engineering of space software such as satellite control systems are based around the development of feedback controllers using packages such as MatLab's Simulink toolbox. These provide powerful tools for engineering real time systems that adapt to changes in the environment but are limited when the controller itself needs to be adapted. We are investigating ways in which ideas from temporal logics and agent programming can be integrated with the use of such control systems to provide a more powerful layer of autonomous decision making. This paper will discuss our initial approaches to the engineering of such systems.

In Manuela Bujorianu and Michael Fisher: Proceedings FM-09 Workshop on Formal Methods for Aerospace (FMA 2009), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 3rd November 2009, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 20, pp. 63–67.
Published: 28th March 2010.

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