Incremental Consistency Checking in Delta-oriented UML-Models for Automation Systems

Matthias Kowal
(TU Braunschweig)
Ina Schaefer
(TU Braunschweig)

Automation systems exist in many variants and may evolve over time in order to deal with different environment contexts or to fulfill changing customer requirements. This induces an increased complexity during design-time as well as tedious maintenance efforts. We already proposed a multi-perspective modeling approach to improve the development of such systems. It operates on different levels of abstraction by using well-known UML-models with activity, composite structure and state chart models. Each perspective was enriched with delta modeling to manage variability and evolution. As an extension, we now focus on the development of an efficient consistency checking method at several levels to ensure valid variants of the automation system. Consistency checking must be provided for each perspective in isolation, in-between the perspectives as well as after the application of a delta.

In Julia Rubin and Thomas Thüm: Proceedings 7th International Workshop on Formal Methods and Analysis in Software Product Line Engineering (FMSPLE 2016), Eindhoven, The Netherlands, April 3, 2016, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 206, pp. 32–45.
Published: 28th March 2016.

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