On Computational Power of Quantum Read-Once Branching Programs

Farid Ablayev
Alexander Vasiliev

In this paper we review our current results concerning the computational power of quantum read-once branching programs. First of all, based on the circuit presentation of quantum branching programs and our variant of quantum fingerprinting technique, we show that any Boolean function with linear polynomial presentation can be computed by a quantum read-once branching program using a relatively small (usually logarithmic in the size of input) number of qubits. Then we show that the described class of Boolean functions is closed under the polynomial projections.

In Farid Ablayev, Bob Coecke and Alexander Vasiliev: Proceedings CSR 2010 Workshop on High Productivity Computations (HPC 2010), Kazan, Russia, June 21-22, 2010, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 52, pp. 1–12.
Published: 9th March 2011.

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