Computing Nash Equilibrium in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks: A Simulation-Based Approach

Peter Bulychev
(Aalborg University, Denmark)
Alexandre David
(Aalborg University, Denmark)
Kim G. Larsen
(Aalborg University, Denmark)
Axel Legay
(INRIA Rennes, France/Aalborg University, Denmark)
Marius Mikučionis
(Aalborg University, Denmark)

This paper studies the problem of computing Nash equilibrium in wireless networks modeled by Weighted Timed Automata. Such formalism comes together with a logic that can be used to describe complex features such as timed energy constraints. Our contribution is a method for solving this problem using Statistical Model Checking. The method has been implemented in UPPAAL model checker and has been applied to the analysis of Aloha CSMA/CD and IEEE 802.15.4 CSMA/CA protocols.

In Johannes Reich and Bernd Finkbeiner: Proceedings Second International Workshop on Interactions, Games and Protocols (IWIGP 2012), Tallinn, Estonia, 25th March 2012, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 78, pp. 1–14.
Published: 20th February 2012.

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