Symmetries in Modal Logics

Carlos Areces
(FaMAF - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, CONICET)
Guillaume Hoffmann
(FaMAF - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)
Ezequiel Orbe
(FaMAF - Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, CONICET)

We generalize the notion of symmetries of propositional formulas in conjunctive normal form to modal formulas. Our framework uses the coinductive models and, hence, the results apply to a wide class of modal logics including, for example, hybrid logics. Our main result shows that the symmetries of a modal formula preserve entailment.

In Delia Kesner and Petrucio Viana: Proceedings Seventh Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications (LSFA 2012), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 29-30, 2012, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 113, pp. 27–44.
Published: 28th March 2013.

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