The untyped stack calculus and Bohm's theorem

Alberto Carraro
(PPS, Université Paris Diderot)

The stack calculus is a functional language in which is in a Curry-Howard correspondence with classical logic. It enjoys confluence but, as well as Parigot's lambda-mu, does not admit the Bohm Theorem, typical of the lambda-calculus. We present a simple extension of stack calculus which is for the stack calculus what Saurin's Lambda-mu is for lambda-mu.

In Delia Kesner and Petrucio Viana: Proceedings Seventh Workshop on Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications (LSFA 2012), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, September 29-30, 2012, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 113, pp. 77–92.
Published: 28th March 2013.

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