A Process Calculus for Spatially-explicit Ecological Models

Margarita Antonaki
(University of Cyprus)
Anna Philippou
(University of Cyprus)

We propose PALPS, a Process Algebra with Locations for Population Systems. PALPS allows us to produce spatially-explicit, individual-based models and to reason about their behavior. Our calculus has two levels: at the first level we may define the behavior of an individual of a population while, at the second level, we may specify a system as the collection of individuals of various species located in space, moving through their life cycle while changing their location, if they so wish, and interacting with each other in various ways such as preying on each other. Furthermore, we propose a probabilistic temporal logic for reasoning about the behavior of PALPS processes. We illustrate our framework via models of dispersal in metapopulations.

In Gabriel Ciobanu: Proceedings 6th Workshop on Membrane Computing and Biologically Inspired Process Calculi (MeCBIC 2012), Newcastle, UK, 8th September 2012, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 100, pp. 14–28.
Published: 15th November 2012.

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