Theoretical Studies on Quantum Walks with a Time-varying Coin

Haruna Katayama
(Hiroshima University)
Noriyuki Hatakenaka
(Hiroshima University)
Toshiyuki Fujii
(Asahikawa Medical University)

Quantum walks can reconstruct quantum algorithms for quantum computation, where the precise controls of quantum state transfers between arbitrary distant sites are required. Here, we investigate quantum walks using a periodically time-varying coin both numerically and analytically, in order to explore the controllability of quantum walks while preserving its random nature.

In Giuseppe Di Molfetta, Vivien Kendon and Yutaka Shikano: Proceedings 9th International Conference on Quantum Simulation and Quantum Walks (QSQW 2020), Marseille, France, 20-24/01/2020, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 315, pp. 74–82.
Published: 3rd April 2020.

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