Solving the TTC 2011 Compiler Optimization Case with QVTR-XSLT

Dan Li
(University of Macau)
Xiaoshan Li
(University of Macau)
Volker Stolz
(University of Oslo & UNU-IIST)

In this short paper we present our solution for the Compiler Optimization case study of the Transformation Tool Contest (TTC) 2011 using the QVTR-XSLT tool. The tool supports editing and execution of the graphical notation of QVT Relations language

In Pieter Van Gorp, Steffen Mazanek and Louis Rose: Proceedings Fifth Transformation Tool Contest (TTC 2011), Zürich, Switzerland, June 29-30 2011, Electronic Proceedings in Theoretical Computer Science 74, pp. 54–69.
Published: 16th November 2011.

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